A vital link for suppliers to reach their target audience in the Education sector

Listings on the FD Forum Directory provide an introduction to our FD Forum members who have responsibility for Finance, HR and Procurement within the Academies school sector.  With over 3,500 users, 61% are Federations or MATs and 39% are individual Academies.


Many of the listings on the FD Forum Directory have been recommended by our FD/HR/Premises Forum Members so customers can save time from having to shop around and be confident in the services the advertisers provide.  Those suppliers who have been recommended by Forum members will be flagged on the listing.


Direct access to your target customers

Build connections with key decision makers

Promotion of all new advertisers on our channels on LinkedIn

Announcements of all new listings to the FD Forum members.

Change your Ad copy at no extra cost

Email marketing campaigns to promote your listings to the FD Forum members



For further information and details about pricing, please contact us and we will be delighted to tell you more about our unique directory, how to partner with us and the valuable commercial exposure we provide to your ideal customer through the FD Forum community.

We also offer a series of support opportunities giving you an even further tailored reach.


We regularly receive contact from finance staff in schools who have been recommended to us by members of the FD Forum who already use us at their respective schools. However well we think we can sell our platform, nobody sells it better than our school clients who are raving about us on the FD Forum!


People are calling us and asking for demonstrations and then telling us that we’ve had “rave reviews”.

Hoge 100 Business Systems 
Hoge 100 Business Systems

Almost our entire existence flowed from a recommendation from a school on the FD Forum, and because we have never advertised we are solely dependent on such comments for our growth.